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For a human being, his home & his family means much more than anything else in his life and thus the safety of both of them becomes one of his prime concerns. So, for those who care and are concerned about their family’s safety, we have specially made the flame retardant wires that assure complete safety. 90 mtrs. coils packed in protective cartons. Project coils of 180 mtrs also available

This product is the result of incessant research and innovation by a team of experts. LISSOM Super FR wires are made of Electrolytic grade, bright, plain annealed copper conductor.

These cables are possessed with special higher oxygen and temperature index Super FR properties with which they can very easily withstand overloads. Its special insulation, high di-electric strength, high thermal stability, ageing characteristics as well as minimum loss of mass make them the most reliable product.

Technical Table "LISSOM" Super FR as per IS : 694/1990 (650/1100 V)

Conductor Area Sq. mm Insulation Thickness mm Number Nominal Dia. Of Stands* Approx Overall Dia. mm DC Conductor Resistance ohm/km at 20° C (max) Current Rating Amps.
Casing Concealed
1.0 0.6 14/0.3 2.8 18.1 14 12
1.5 0.7 22/0.3 3.1 12.1 18 14
2.5 0.8 36/0.3 3.7 7.41 24 18
4.0 0.8 56/0.3 4.1 4.95 32 24
6.0 0.8 84/0.3 4.8 3.3 42 32


Test Specification Specified Values
Critical oxygen Index ASTM-D 2863 > 29%
Temperature Index ASTM-D 2863 > 250° C

*The number and diameter of conductor strands are for reference only.

"LISSOM" Cables will not responsible for any damages arising out of incorrect application of its products.

The Above data is Indicative and may be revised without prior Information

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